Welcome from the Executive Director

Lou Gannon

I am honoured to have been appointed as the Interim Executive Director for the Black Cultural Society of Nova Scotia.

I am eager to make a positive contribution to the BCC and to work with everyone on the “team”. I look forward to nurturing the staff of professionals and addressing, advancing and promoting the establishment of culturally competent services and initiatives that effectively meet the unique needs of African Nova Scotians for the Black Cultural Society of Nova Scotia.

During my first 3-months here I’ve come to realize that an organization’s strength is its resources, particularly the staff. Creative, dedicated, and committed sums up the profiles of my colleagues!

As we reflect on past accomplishments we also look forward to what lies ahead – many more years of discovery, and many new and innovative ways to share those discoveries with you, our visitors.

Cultural Centers take their character and quality from the communities that support them and which they serve. In a place whose very history has been shaped by artifacts which remains central to so many people’s lives, the Black Cultural Centre has had every reason to flourish. I’ll do everything I can, with your help, to ensure that it continues to do so. It has a fascinating past, a strong identity, and a clear direction for the future.

I believe that the centre should not be merely a place to preserve and exhibit historical materials. Instead, it should always endeavour to create a space that is “alive and keeps moving”. I hope that this centre will be a standard for those wishing to learn African Nova Scotian history.

We will explore what can be done to further improve the services and functions of the center, while undertaking a wide variety of activities. I sincerely ask for your extensive support and advice.

Louis (Lou) Gannon
Interim Executive Director
Black Cultural Centre

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